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ultimate rose alchemy
for regenerated skin
The Quintessence of

“Beauté à la française”
Embodied by
Two Brilliant Actresses
‘“Beauté à la française”
is to reveal your emotion
confidently and elegantly.’
- Teresa Mo
‘Embrace your dream.
Live with desire and belief.
This is “Beauté à la française.”’
- Louisa So
The Secret to
“Beauté à la française”
Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Regeneration Elixir, each jar contains up to

2 million Lancôme Rose Native Cells with proven vital properties

to enhance the natural potential of skin’s stem cells* for skin regeneration.

Unveil the absolute femininity that lies within every woman.
rose native cells
An execptional active ingredient harvested from deep within the Lancôme Rose

by means of Fermogenesis, an exclusive biotechnological process, to deliver exceptional skin regeneration.
Discover the two expert steps of the application ritual,
performed with the golden part of the applicator.
Rinse the petal in hot water. Shake it dry. Begin with short, intense and semicircular upward strokes from the jawline up to the temples, over the visible lines on the forehead and on the wrinkles around the mouth. Finish with a long stroke under the eye. Repeat these movements three times on each side of the face.
Rinse the petal in cool water. Shake it dry. Perform a wave like smoothing massaging gesture. Begin on the chin to the earlobe, then return to the upper lip and go back to the earlobe. Continue from the corner of the nose to the temple. Include the forehead and complete with a long stroke on the side of the nose. Repeat on the other side of the face.
Shopping Privileges
Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate
Regeneration Elixir Set
(Worth HK$6,533)
Purchase Absolue products up to $4,800
(must include a L’Extrait product)
and receive a Regeneration Gift Set
(Worth HK$3,733)

Absolue L’Extrait Lotion
Ultimate Beautifying Lotion
Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate
Regenerating And Renewing Ultimate
Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate
Eye Ritual
Eye Balm-Elixir For Tired Eyes
*in vitro tests on Rose Native Cells
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‘“Beauté à la française” is to reveal your emotion
confidently and elegantly.’
- Teresa Mo
Teresa Mo: “Beauté à la française” is to reveal your emotion confidently and elegantly Being the recipient of the Best Actress of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, Teresa’s absolute beauty originates from her delicate emotions in front of the camera, while her elegant, bright and generous nature makes her a charismatic person even behind the scenes. This echoes with the regeneration power of Absolue L’Extrait which allows women to naturally and gracefully reveal their authenticity and femininity.

New expectation after receiving the award Teresa said her expectation towards herself has become even higher after receiving the award. With her passionate spirit and the pursuit of excellence, she wishes to support and looks forward to achieve a worthy cause with the new film-making generation. For Teresa, charisma is something closely connected to life experience. “When you have accumulated certain life experiences, your horizon is broadened. You begin to understand there is something to excel in every aspect that stimulates you to make a breakthrough. This is what charisma means to me.”
The reasons to be loved by people She also believes her brightness and frankness have explained why she is widely loved by people in the biz as well as the audience. For her, authentic emotions are always the most impressive, and natural expressions are important to connect the soul and the role. This is why she can exude a sense of intellectual beauty both in front and behind the cameras.

Remain Confident by having perfect skin Teresa lives a busy life. How does she keep her skin beautiful? “it is important to live a balanced life, where rest, exercise, sleep and water intake are important. For skincare, I enjoy using premium lines such as Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait Collection. The textures are so comfortable that I’m convinced that I will become more beautiful day by day! Even I grow older, I don’t have to hide myself and can laugh heartily.” she said. “I especially love L’Extrait Eye Cream. Before coming to this shooting I also tried the L’Extrait Eye Mask. I’m happy that my makeup artist said the lines around my eyes were diminished. I can remain confident even shooting a close-up!”
ultimate rose alchemy
for regenerated skin
‘Embrace your dream.
Live with desire and belief.
This is “Beauté à la française.”’
- Louisa So
Louisa So: Embrace your dream. Live with desire and belief. This is “Beauté à la française” With the perseverance and desire to dream, Louisa has never stopped improving herself and spent her life in search of her “ideal” drama performance. Just as Absolue L’Extrait’s desire to offer women the perfect, flawless skin, Louisa’s passionate spirit and her strive for excellence are her source of natural femininity.

Excellence that reveals true beauty She admitted that it is never easy to run a drama performance in Hong Kong, but she persists to choose a tough way. “When we put ourselves to challenge, we can discover and extend our potential. Therefore, we must be really focused and enthusiastic about everything we do. Even though we may meet people who do not share the same goal with us, we should be determined about our goals and just fight for it. Dare to do what others don’t. In this way we will be able to show our unique charisma.” For her, being onstage exudes a kind of artistic attractiveness. It is the quest of excellence that reveals true beauty, and it is also the core value of Lancôme too.
Secret of youthful beauty Talking about skincare, Louisa has always been praised for her youthful beauty. As a natural lover, she accepts no artificial alteration. “I believe that women have their own beauty at all stages of life. Beauty and confidence should be revealed from within, but of course skincare is also essential.” Louisa said she has been quite satisfied with her own skincare products until she met Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait: The delicate rose scent is indulging, and the textures melt in quickly to plump the skin. Just a bottle is good enough to fulfil all her desires.
ultimate rose alchemy
for regenerated skin

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