At the origin of Absolue, lies the rose. Its antioxidant and soothing properties makes it a beauty miracle that never ceases to reveal new secrets to science. Lancôme reveals its powers, having developed rose actives capable of regenerating the skin deep down.

In the Heart of France
Le Plateau De Valensole

A magnificent location in the south of France with exceptional soil, pure plant, and unique temperature.

Cultivated with passion and generosity The Centifolia Rose

Roses are grown by French female farmer Emmanuelle Ravel with her passion and generosity. It all begins May each year with the harvest of our precious roses. Each flower is gathered by hand at dawn to capture its full vitality. This intensive process requires three to five kilograms pf petals in order to obtain a single drop of precious rose extract.

The innovative
CO2 Rose extract

A unique French savoir-faire in green-tech extraction process,
using natural solvent to obtain pure rose extracts with
anti-inflammatory properties for an ultra-soothing efficacy on skin.

The science of
Rose blending

It is the expertise of our Lancôme laboratories
to blend only the best rose extracts
for a combined, more powerful efficacy. 

Absolue Moment 15 minutes

The ultimate in relaxation, this smoothing and soothing massage delivers an extremely luxurious and regenerating experience to your skin with Absolue care. Your skin becomes silkier, softer and perfectly hydrated for an ageless appearance.

Book now to live an
Absolue experience


  • Absolue Precious
  • The precious formula unties the sensory treasures of oils and the light texture of a serum. It reinforces the substance of the skin, provide a glory velvety finish.
  • Absolue Precious Cells
    Day Cream
  • A luxurious cream melts instantly and nourishes deep down. It accelerates the healing of visible signs of aging.
  • Absolue Precious Cells
    Eye Cream
  • Infused with Damask Rose distillate, centifolia rose extract and Pro-XylaneTM. The eye contour is soothed and firmer.
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